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Affiliate Program

Earn money by referring clients to Alder Security! You can use your earnings towards free VPS hosting or collect your loot via PayPal. We have several premade banners for you to use on your own website, blog, or forum!

99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

Your business depends on your server being online 24/7. Our nodes are connected to redundant power and network sources to ensure you will not be left in the dark. We back our reliability with our service level agreement and you will credited for any downtime.

14 Day Money Back

If you are not satisfied with our service we will refund you, no questions asked! Don't worry about writing a loss if our service does not meet your expectations. You are eligible for a refund up to 14 days after your first payment.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server also known as Virtual Dedicated Server) offers the independence and power of a dedicated server for half the price. The flexibility of a VPS allows it to be scaled without any downtime and allows for easy backups. All of our nodes are equipped with RAID10 protected hard drives which provides both enhanced I/O speeds and data protection. Get started by dragging the sliders below to create your own VPS!

CPU Cores $8.00/month per core

Memory $1.75/month per 128 MB

Disk Space $2.00/month per 10 GB

Bandwidth $2.50/month per 100 GB

Control Panel

None Webmin - Free! Kloxo - Free! cPanel - $16.00/m

Operating System

CentOS 5 Debian 6 Fedora 15 Suse 11.4 Ubuntu 11.04

IP Address(es)

1 Usable IP 2 Usable IPs - $2.00/month 3 Usable IPs - $4.00/month 4 Usable IPs - $6.00/month 5 Usable IPs - $8.00/month 6 Usable IPs - $10.00/month 7 Usable IPs - $12.00/month 8 Usable IPs - $14.00/month

Valid justification for requested IP Addresses is required- Adam Schanz

Total: No setup fee! $4.95/month Location:
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